About Us


Pro Tax Accountancy

We are dedicated to support both personal and professional accountancy services.

Pro Tax Accountancy is not a traditional accounting firm, rather a centralised solution for most of the professional services small businesses and individuals need for their sustained operation and growth.

Pro Tax Accountancy aims at providing professional services to a new level of simplicity, dependability, and solutions. To help you grow and succeed we use innovative technologies and out expertise to customise to your needs for long-term relationships.

Think Accounting, Think Us


Why choose us

Thoughtful solution - Making financial and technical expertise available to small businesses at affordable pricing. Maximise your deductions and save money to develop the business of your dreams.


Centralised services - accounting, bookkeeping, tax, compliance, and advisory services provided through numerous support channels


Regular review - comprehensive review of your business structure- We will help you build your business for long term and help you overcome challenges as your business grows.


Free review - We provide obligation free tax review and competitive prices for every customer.

Pro Tax Accountancy supporting UNICEF

Charity We Support

We donate 1% of our net profit to UNICEF, one of the world’s leading organisations to protect and improve the lives of every child in more than 190 countries.

By donating to Unicef, we help to provide steady, ongoing support for a child at the most critical time of their growth and development. We fund UNICEF to allow their teams to deliver life-saving nutrition, water and emergency supplies for children living in crisis. By funding UNICEF, we aim to make a long-lasting impact for children and support UNICEF’s vital work in more than 190 countries.